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If you are a car seller and thinking who buys used cars in Dayton and cannot find a company you can sell them to, QuikCar is the best option. We are a quality company to work with and we provide exceptional services all over the country.

sell junk cars Dayton ohio

Alongside our exceptional services, we are committed to bringing you the top dollar for junk cars. The best price ranges are available for your car right here. QuikCar has been in the business for a great time to understand clients’ needs; therefore, our priority is to be the best junk car selling company in Dayton, Ohio.


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We Buy Junk Cars Dayton Ohio

We believe that transparency between our clients and us is essential, and hence, we make our deal very clear before we make the final purchase.

Considering every aspect of your vehicle, we make sure that we decide the price range of your junk car according to the market rates. The process of car purchase is simple, and our experts are here to guide you at every step of the way.

Our clients do not have to worry about the payment procedures as we make sure to sell junk cars for cash Dayton with guaranteed RC transfer.

As we pledge to make the process smooth for you, we will eliminate the detailed paperwork that takes ages to complete. We only require a few compulsory documents, and the rest is taken care of.

What Are Quik Cars’Compulsory Document Requirement to Sell You Junk Car in Dayton, Ohio?
QuikCar makes car transactions simple for you, and we only require some of the necessary documents such as:

1. Warranty Document: This is the manufacturer’s warranty, and it is the proof of the total period of time your car has driven from. In case a problem occurs with the warranty card, the dealer is responsible.

2. The Certificate of Title: The certificate of title is the evidence of a vehicle’s ownership. QuikCar is one of the junkyards that buy cars without a title, but with that, the price of the vehicle may fluctuate. The safe deal is to have the certificate with you.

3. Maintenance Report: A record of maintenance is required to ensure that the previous owner properly maintains the junk car.

4. Odometer Record: Quick car prefers to acquire this document because it is the correct record for mileage on the odometer. This helps in a fair transaction. Hence, if you have made changes to the odometer, we suggest you be completely honest because transparency is what we believe in.

5. Sale Bill: The sale bill works as the recipient between the seller and us. It is a protective measure and proof that money has been exchanged between the two of us.

QuikCar understands that the car selling process is a hectic one, and we provide you a guide on how you can sell your car for fair cash with satisfaction and receive excellent services. Reach out to us today!


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