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QuikCar is the finest, reliable, and experienced used cars buyers. Our clients have placed their trust in us and have only received quality services, a smooth process, and a firm association.


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We believe in complete transparency and hence, we decide on a fair price range before we make our deal official. Our prices are authentic and absolutely market-compliant. If someone asks you that who buys used cars near me then ask them to contact QuikCar. The process is clear and simple and every step of the way, we are here to guide you the best.

With QuikCar, the payment methods have become the least of our clients’ worries. We ensure a perfectly secure payment and guaranteed RC transfer. Since we swear by a straightforward process, so get rid of meticulous documentation and provide us the required documents, the rest is our responsibility.

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Our Experts’ Used Cars Buyers Guide

We understand how hectic a car selling and buying procedure can get. At QuikCar, we not only help you sell out your cars to us in return for fair cash and satisfaction, but we also provide tips on used car buying to your business.

  • You must always have strong insights about the cars that you want to purchase. QuikCar suggests you never miss out on the essential detail such as availability of original documents, accurate mileage, accident history, token tax, etc.
  • At QuikCar, we take a close look at a vehicle before making a purchase. The cars undergo a detailed inspection process to analyze if there are any visible damages such as dents or scratches. A few dents do not count much; however, when we observe excessive damages, we take it as a sign to not pursue the deal.
  • As a used or junk car buyer, always conduct a market analysis of the cars you plan to purchase. It will help you to decide the best price for the cars concerning their legit market value.

Our Paperwork Requirements

To make your car transaction smoother and faster, we require a few original documents from you.

  • The Certificate of Title. This certificate is proof that the car is the seller’s ownership. It is important to review the certificate and keep it safe.
  • Warranty Documentation. The warranty from the manufacturer confirms that the car will run perfectly for the given period of time. In case of any problem during the warranty period, the dealer is held responsible for it.
  • Maintenance Report. We require the record of maintenance to be sure that the used car was properly and regularly maintained.
  • Odometer Record. QuikCar demands this document because it is an official part of documentation where it assures us about the correct and honest mileage on the odometer. It allows us a legitimate transaction. Therefore, any previous changes in the odometer have to be mentioned by the car seller.
  • Sale Bill. This works as a transaction receipt between us and the dealer. The bill of sale acts as a protective measure and proof of money exchange between the seller and us.


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